Transformational Coaching

For those ready to make heart-felt dreams come true.

The external things come to us when we shift the internal.  Only then can we begin to invite ourselves to dream aloud and move into action towards what we really want.

The name ‘coaching’ uses a metaphor from the sports community, where coaching is an established and much needed function.  No team of athletes would consider trying to reach excellence without a coach.

Coaching allows me to be of service to clients that reside outside of California as my counseling license is exclusive to the state of California.

No matter what your goal, coaching can assist you and encourage you so that you feel empowered and accountable.

Goals can range from change of careers, pursuing dreams, dating, improving an established relationship, learning better self-care, to improving connections with others.

Coaching is designed to meet the individual’s needs with structure and support to achieve goals.

Everyone needs a little help sometimes

A coaching relationship can help you clarify your goals and your intentions.

Helping you focus your attention and energy in obtaining productive results.  

It is never too late to begin living your heart-felt dreams.

You don’t have to have a ‘problem’ to seek help nor do you have to have it all figured out.

Coaching is about your receiving valuable skills and strategies to help you purposely accomplish the changes you envision and truly want.


I encourage you to courageously step outside your comfort zone.  In doing so, you will experience an expansion in your capacity for personal achievement, joy, and love.  Truly… You can have it all.  xoxo,Jacqueline


Private Coaching

  • You receive personalized attention. Our 1:1 work is all about YOU – 100% YOU.
  • Specific and unique practices and assignments are created to support you.
  • Customized work will support your learnings from sessions and assist you in forward action.
  • You experience expansion in your self-awareness, cultivate deeper self-love and acceptance, and greater trust in your own inner wisdom.
  • Reawaken inner compass.
  • I am available to you through unlimited email with laser coaching as needed.
  • Services are available in-person (L.A. area), phone, or on-line.

Women’s Mastermind Groups

  • You will experience a joyful exploration of your inner workings while connecting with a powerful and inspiring community.
  • You will gain greater awareness of yourself, turning obstacles into stepping stones.
  • Have a  tribe of loving supporters to cheer you on.
  • Assisted in exploring, creating, and strategically creating the life you want.
  • Learn about and use Feminine Intelligence in mastering the life you desire and create.
  • You will learn about the masculine and feminine energy and how to use each one in service to you and your heart-felt dreams.
  • I am available to you through unlimited email and laser coaching as needed. Groups are available both in-person or on-line for those outside of the L.A. area.

VIP Immersion Day

  • ​Designed as a dynamic exploration and implementation in creating a desired outcome in one area. 
  • This type of deep dive is an excellent way of supporting yourself after having completed a coaching package and are wanting a “tune-up.”
  • ​A VIP Day is a heart-centered way of initiating a transformative journey.  
  • VIP Days are available for individuals, couples, or professionals seeking consultation. 
  • Services are available in-person (L.A. area).