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I am passionate about helping others create freedom, aliveness, & vitality in their loves and lives.

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 Something isn’t right or feels off. You struggle with how you’re feeling or you sabotage your goals and dreams.

Perhaps it is the fight that you keep having that does not ever come to solution.

Your relationship feels distant or disconnected.  
Sex feels like the last thing you want or a topic too difficult to talk about openly.

You don’t feel good about yourself. You feel stuck. And it feels like you are alone, nobody understands.

I help people let go of what does not serve them and create the lives and loves they truly want.
Peaceful. Connected. Joyful. Intimate.
Awakened to more aliveness, inspiration and vitality.

Our time together can be life-changing. Both strengths and obstacles are explored, identified, and transformed into direct stepping stones to a life and love more aligned with you.

My work focuses on on aligning and enlivening the body, heart, mind, and spirit. It is highly experiential, supportive, and lively. You will practice and acquire key skills to help you feel more present, grounded, inspired and alive allowing yourself to connect more intimately and profoundly with yourself and others.

I acknowledge you for your willingness to step into your life in a more expansive, potent, and energized manner. With support and guidance, you will discover and create the freedom and joy of living from possibility and living life to its fullest expression, and opening yourself up to the type of love and intimacy you have long envisioned for yourself.

What if a peaceful, connected, intimate, and joyful life and love can happen?  What if every day was infused with more aliveness and inspiration?

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Integrative Sex Therapist

Sex Therapy Supervisor

Media & Speaking

Transformational Life & Business Coach

Integrative Sex Therapy

The space where body, heart, mind & spirit meet. 

Sex Therapy Supervision & Training

For those seeking AASECT Certification or support in serving their clients in a more powerful way. Available in-person, online, or via phone.

Four-Dimensional Wheel

An invitation to step-in and walk our stories in an embodied & sacred way. 

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Tools, techniques & updates on living & loving with more inspiration, freedom, aliveness & vibrancy.

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Enlivening Pleasure

Easy & practical ways to enliven pleasure in your body.

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“Plant your own garden and decorate your own soul instead of waiting for someone to bring you flowers”