Women’s Sexuality

One of my greatest hear-desires is to help women feel more comfortable and own their erotic desire and pleasure.

Therapy or counseling provide a form of talk therapy * that creates a safe space to find clear and workable solutions.

Women’s unmet desires

In my work with couples, what I consistently see as a central issue is women’s unmet desires in  the relationship.  

I have come to understand though my work with women, individually or as part of a couple, that one of the results of the feminist-women’s movement has been a change in the roles and expectations in their intimate relationships.  

What I also have observed is that men as a group, have not kept up with the evolving roles of men and women, leaving many women frustrated by the lack of intimacy and responsibility in the relationship and in the home.

Part of my work with women and men is to help men to better understand and respond to the hopes and expectations of wives/partners, and help women to better communicate what they want and need to husbands/partners.

Women’s sexuality is constantly evolving.

The truth is that for women it is completely normal and natural to experience changes in your sexuality (even daily!) depending upon your mood, health, hormones, lifestyle, and context of your life.  

Many women have sexual concerns.  These concerns are absolutely nothing to be ashamed of  because they part of being human.

Women experience sex very differently then men. because a woman’s body is constantly changing.

What may feel good one day, may feel quite different the next.

Feminine sexuality needs to slowly rise and the senses are nourish it.

Women are informed by the senses – what they see, hear, smell, touch, and taste. This is why for women foreplay begins the moment she opens her eyes.

Embodiment of Feminine Sexuality ~ Importance of being In Bodied

​Women are also the heart and spiritual head of her family, yes, even a family of one.

The more comfortable a woman is in her body, enjoys and takes pleasure from her body, moves freely in her body, the more enriched are her life and of those around her.

As she embodies herself and allows her sensuality to nourish her, she is able to nurture and care for others from a place of abundance.


  • Low self-esteem and feelings of worthlessness
  • Poor body image and complicated relationship with the body and pleasure
  • Superwoman complex and perfectionism… having to do it all and not asking for help
  • Balancing traditional feminine roles with modern ambitions and work-home demands
  • Sexuality and sexual identity, including enhancement, dysfunction, satisfaction, and comfort level
  • Dissatisfaction in intimate relationships, wishing for more emotional intimacy and connection with partner
  • Aging and sexuality
  • Peri-menoause and menopause impact on libido and desire



*Sex therapy does not involve any form of physical contact, nudity, or sexual behavior between client and therapist. ​