From the Couch to the Bedroom: How to Talk to Your Clients About Sex

Being a therapist is a heart calling for many of us.

Many seek to serve and help clients heal, grow, and expand in powerful and graceful ways.

One things we know is true.

As clinicians we can help our clients more powerfully when we ourselves are willing to grow, heal, and expand.

A common place where many clinicians struggle is the space of sex and sexuality.

And it’s not your fault.


Because many of us received minimal to no education on how to go from from the couch to the bedroom and help our clients talk, process and heal sexually related problems.

And, most of our learning was based on reproductive anatomy.

Not on sexual and pleasure physiology, not beyond performance and function, and much less on holisitc sexuality.

Which means most of us were not encouraged to explore who we are as sexual beings, what are our sexual values, and what is our innate sexual expression.

The most common question I get from other therapists and clinicians is…


If you are a therapist or clinician interested in learning how to go from the couch to the bedroom and helping your clients more powerfully with sex and sexuality issues, this workshop is for you.

In this workshop you will

  • Learn how to ask your clients about their sex life in simple and easy ways.
  • Learn about your own sexual values and beliefs and how they relate to your work.
  • Learn about holistic sexuality.
  • Learn what is sex therapy and about sex therapy as a niche.

Workshop is open to

Please inquire if your licesen/credential is not on this list

  • LMFT & LCSW Associates/Interns or graduates awaiting intern number

Enlivening Pleasure Now: Using Mindfulness, Embodiment, and Movement For Your Sex Therapy Practice

Presenting at AASECT Conference 2018

Change happens by giving clients a new experience of themselves in the moment. Often, sex therapists hesitate to bring experiential work into the room.
This workshop discusses theories of body-focused psychotherapy and the application to sex therapy.
Movement, the use of deliberate physical movement to facilitate the emotional, social, cognitive, physical, and spiritual integration of the individual by assisting them in re-inhabiting themselves, bringing them back into contact with their instinctual wisdom, sense of self, and embodied sense of knowing while releasing habitual muscular holding patterns that reinforce shutting down. This is done by guiding clients through the use of breath, mindfulness and sensor-awareness techniques, and deliberate physical movement and in doing so, increasing awareness and creation of pleasure in the body.
At the conclusion of this workshop, participants will be able to: discuss the reasons and benefits for including the body, body awareness, and movement in sex therapy, couple’s therapy, and group interventions; integrate at least one body-focused technique and how it might expand their effectiveness in working with clients with diverse culture and languages to assist in increasing body-awareness and pleasure.