Full Moon Women’s Circles

 A circle of women
may be the most powerful & illuminating force in the world.
When women gather, their collective presence changes the world.

Come Gather, Women

Our ancestral mothers gathered in circle to share around the fire not only for ritual, but as they prepared food for families and community.  They shared stories about their unique and collective experiences.  There was no leader, no submissive.


Women gathered to share stories from their daily experience, to initiate one another, to celebrate the changes in the body, to honor the transitions in lifespan, and to support one another.  The red tent was common as a place where women gathered in reverence to their moon cycle.


When an emphasis on increasing cognitive development occurred, what resulted was more linear thinking and behaviors. Gathering in circle was replaced with meeting in lines. In this way, both men and women became passive receivers of information and instruction from others in leadership positions.

Meeting in Circle

When we meet in circle we join to hold everyone in sacred space and purpose as equals.


We are bringing forth an ancient way of connecting into modern times.


We gather to share stories, to deepen our identities individually and as part of a greater group.


We gather to enliven life.


We gather in circle to share our joy, to work on projects, or join in ritual at various levels of depth and purpose.


And, and we gather in circle to help to heal our world.


As a wise woman once said:

“As women connect around our circular earth, we are creating networks — circles within a larger circle, all part of this spiraling galaxy and an expanding field of creative form and force. We carry within us a spark of light initiated with the big bang—that same creative power that birthed the universe. It is time to manifest feminine potential and restore right balance and healing as obviously the force is with us.”

Why a Full Moon Circle?

It is the time of the month when creativity, fertility, and mystery are heightened.

Many women instinctively look for ways to connect with others, a time when the feminine energy of Earth is at its fullest.

Many believe that the lunar cycle directly impacts a woman’s emotions and that of the energies of the collective feminine unconscious.

A full moon allows us the opportunity to have the clarity of emotion while tapping into the collective intelligence and experience of the feminine.


Calendar of Circles

Time: 7pm-9pm

Circles will start promptly at 7pm.

You are encouraged to arrive to the location by 6:45pm

January 31

February 23

March 30

April 27

May 25

Upon registration, you will receive an email with location and additional information.

Please note:  Our Women’s Circles are on hiatus over the summer and will resume once more in the Fall.