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In many traditions, the HORSE is seen as a shaman having special medicinal and intuitive abilities.

As a power animal, Horse, is a message carrier. It is associated with the power and responsibility that comes with exercising authority as well as the wisdom required to use it in a balanced, holistic way.

Horse is also connected with the need for compassionate understanding. The Horse is a powerful healer allowing people to explore and find freedom from the constraints of their own stories and beliefs.

Ancient traditional stories also speak of the Horses being given powers of divination. More than one legend speaks of the clairvoyance of horses and their ability to help humans heal.

The Medicine Wheel (Four Dimensional Approach) is used as a template for higher awareness, growth and healing where the person’s journey is viewed through the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual quadrants.

It is an invitation to walk the wheel: moving and speaking from the different quadrants helps one step-into new ways to explore, identify, and express an issue, a desire, and possible solutions.

Together, the Horse and Wheel create a powerful healing space for participants.

Both are initiators of new journeys — opening new directions to awaken and discover our own freedom and power.

Come walk the wheel in nature and experience awe as your horse and human facilitators guide you to new insights, solutions, and answers.

Any area of your life that you are struggling or challenged by –relationships, careers, health or finance, can be brought to the wheel and healing occurs as a natural expression of unconditional loving from the horse, coaches, and other participants.



The Art of Love, Intimacy & Attraction Series

Ready to create more love, intimacy, & attraction in the New Year?

Love, Intimacy, & Attraction are art forms. 

Many buy into the misunderstanding that once experienced, once attained…. that’s it… done.  Don’t have to think or do anything about it ever again.

All masterpieces are multi-layered.

Gardens that flourish are tended and nourished.

Having the pilot light on is not enough because to create a roaring fire more fuel needs to be added.

The Intimacy and Attraction Workshop® is a set of techniques and exercises for inviting presence, connecting through the heart, and exploring the play of masculine and feminine to help create stronger intimacy and attraction.

In these workshop you will

    • Invite Connection including feeling and being aware of oneself which allows you to feel another
    • Experience Relaxed Heart Opening by practicing how to feel oneself and connect to another’s heart.  You will engage in an inquiry into deep heart communication. 
    • Create Strong Erotic Tension Erotic – tension follows the law of “opposite attracts”.  When two people (regardless of gender) engage in the play of sexual tension the strongest attraction is produced through the opposition of forces. Learn how to artfully play with these opposites, without getting caught in gender stereotypes or assuming rigid roles.


You are welcomed to attend one or all three. Each evening will build on the previous.  To register, please click on event date below.

This evening practice has limited space and welcomes both men and women, singles and couples.

We attempt to ensure equal numbers of men and women in the workshops for cohesive practice forms.

No nudity, nor explicit sexual touching in any workshops.

We are dedicated to the highest degree of safety, clarity, and integrity for all workshop participants.





Past Events

The Art of Calling In

Manifesting Magic & Brilliance in 2018

Saturday, January 27th, 2018
10am – 2pm

Will 2018 be your best year yet?

With clear intention and actionable goals, it will be!

It will be a morning of sharing, listening, releasing, and creativity.

You will also have the opportunity to receive laser coaching.

You will leave having completed 2017 and creating a clearer vision for 2018.

  • Identify and Own your Heart desires
  • Create a doable, actionable plan towards what you want
  • Use obstacles as stepping stones
  • Connect with other like-minded women
  • Receive supprt and feel inspired

The Four Dimensional Wheel as a template for higher awareness, growth, and getting what you want.

The Four Dimensional Wheel is an invitation to walk the wheelmoving and speaking from the different quadrants. Participants step-into new ways to explore, identify, and express an obstacle, a heart desire, and create intuitive ways to manifest a magical and brilliant 2018.

The approach is based on the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition where the person’s journey is viewed through the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual quadrants.


The path of sensation. A full range of sensory experiences – smell, taste, touch, sight, and hearing.


A full range of feelings – love, passion, longing, anger, and fear. Whatever touches the heart.


The space of discerment and chpice. Beliefs and messages both positive and negative in nature.

Imagination, intuition, memory, and dreams. Waking dreams and fantasies. Wishes, intentions, anticipations, and expectations.


The area of connection and meaning.

A deep sense of connection with one’s self, one’s partner, one’s tribe and family, and/or a “higher power.”

This can include inner visions, communication with divine forces, experiencing one’s self as part of all that is sacred.


The place of integration and transformation. Where positive and negative merge and create new stories.

It’s a place of clarity and vision, of vastness, and posibility.

Come join a transformational goal-setting process that can bring much ease and grace to manifesting your heart’s desire and dreams.


Awakening the Wild Woman

Saturday, December 9, 2017
10am – 1pm

Within every woman there lives a powerful force, filled with good instincts, passionate creativity, and ageless knowing.

She is the Wild Woman.

The Wild Woman represents the instinctual nature of all women and helps reconnect women to the innate fierce, healthy, visionary, and intuitive nature of the feminine body.

When a woman re-wilds herself, she reconnects to the parts of her that existed before the stories from parents, culture, lovers, and the “should’s of the world” invaded her core nature.

In ancient times, Circles were at the heart of all Feminine Rituals.

Women gathered in celebration, in reverence, and to help one another. Circles have the power to transform the world—woman by woman, circle by circle. Because when women gather, our collective energy shifts the energy.

This workshop will focus

  • Learning about the Wild Woman and how she shows up in your world.
  • Exercises and rituals that assist each participant in unraveling and anchoring in her own Wild Woman through embodiment exercises, feminine rituals, and techniques.
  • Support and encouragement in communion with other women.
No nudity or explicit touching.



The Dark Side of the Masculine

The Dark Side of the masculine is an essential and much needed aspect of the Masculine.

And yet many men report being exposed or taught conflicting and often times violent perspectives of the Dark – the Shadow.

In an effort to feel good, to feel powerful, to “man-up,” some have bought into the false ideas of the alpha, predatory male leaving many men feeling conflicted, disempowered, and frozen in their relationship with the feminine and with other men.


This workshop will explore the Dark Side of the Masculine: what it means, how it is an essential part of the masculine, and how its shadow shows up in today’s world.

  • Participants will also be guided on how to access the Dark.
  • Each participant will walk away with practical ways to apply these learnings in life, work, and relationships.

What is the Dark side of the Masculine?

There is a wild side to man’s nature. Unpredictable. Even savage.

For the most part, men are taught from an early age to repress this part. They are given messages that it is something undesired and, perhaps, even uncivilized. In an effort to fit in, feel loved, many men repress it while some use this energy in more “appropriate” choices – competition in sports or business.

The truth is that the Dark side of Masculinity is never really gone.

And, if not channeled correctly it follows men like a shadow — projecting and distorting the masculine.  Leaving men in an abyss of pushing, forcing as well as freezing and avoiding.

The Darkness is not evil, but because it is often squelched, it is often denied its proper role resulting in rebelliousness, displeasure, rage, and depression. It becomes the monster so many work diligently to hide.

The best description I ever heard was that the Dark is part of being a man: Without it, chivalry becomes salt that has lost its flavor. Because without it, direction and discipline are meaningless; connection to self, other, community inauthentic; strength is ineffective, and logic pointless.

When the Dark is not given its place, the Masculine becomes sad, rage-filled, uncontrollable, abusive, perverted, and lost. Given today’s headlines… sound familiar?

Yet, when it is integrated into the Masculine, it nourishes the soul like nothing else can.

Because the Dark is about acceptance.

It is about full ownership.

It is about getting what is desired and finding acceptance for the want.

It is about owning what is true in the body-heart-mind-spirit so that man can show up in more integrity.

It is about exploring and knowing the depth of desires for the feminine energy. Because when he shows up in full integrity with all his parts – Light and Dark- she can show up in all her flavors.

The Dark side of the Masculine is the Wild Man at its core – the place that existed before he was told how to be, who to be.

Our time together will be part process, part experiential, and you will walk away with specific skills and techniques that can assist you in daily life.

Skills and techniques presented in this workshop are grounded in Spiritual Psychology, Polarity work (masculine-feminine), Mind-Body, Neuroscience, Nonlinear Movement, and Shamanism.

===> Why attend this event? <===

Today’s headlines are filled with examples of the Shadow side of the Masculine.

Because men are powerful beings and most men truly want to engage with themselves and others in powerful, authentic, and positive ways.

It is my intention that those that participate in this event will walk away with concrete and practical reminders of this.

And most importantly, you will walk away, with skills that will assist you in being more effective and more empowered in your relationships and with the Dark.

And I totally get it… most men find these kinds of workshops intimidating or way out of their comfort zone especially being in the presence of other men. One of my reasons for doing this is to remind you that you are not alone and that many men are having a shared and lonely experience. Hearing and being with others is powerful medicine.

===> Why have a woman lead it? <===

===> What can a woman teach me about being a man? <===

The feminine qualities of empathy, intuition, openness, and nurturance are the magnets that help bring out the balanced masculine.

And…the flow of the feminine needs to be present to help nurture and reinforce the direction of the masculine.

This event is not about teaching you how to be a man, but to unearth and anchor the masculine energy already in you in a way that serves your highest purpose.

If you are curious or have further questions, please call 818.804.1284 or email



No explicit nudity or touching.

Get Out of Your Head


We live in a disembodied world — sitting endless hours at our desks, commuting, maintaining relationships through our phones and laptops, and leaning on our intellect to solve or get our to-do list under some kind of order.

The result?

Loss of authentic connection with ourselves, our loved ones, and our communities.

Join us for a an evening of slowing down and disengaging from mindless head chatter through breathwork and mindful embodiment practices and more connected to heart and body.

A perfect way to start the holiday season.

In this workshop you will learn specific techniques that will assist you in learning ways that help emptying your mind, decrease mindless chatter and engagement while increasing awareness and presence.

Come feel supported and nourished as you experience greater mindful embodiment and a deeper connection with yourself.


You will learn
  • Ways to soothe out the nervous system
  • Easy ways to nurture a body-heart-mind-spirit connection
  • Practical methods to access bodily wisdom
  • How to stop mindless chatter





Feminine Pleasure for Healing & Growth

tantra, women, women's workshop, pleasure, sensuality, spirituality, sexuality
When pleasure is present, we experience more aliveness, fullness, and vibrancy. We experience more connection with ourselves and, in turn, feel more connected to others. Pleasure after all is practice of coming home to ourselves.

Pleasure is Medicine
Pleasure is for Healing & Growth
Pleasure is the passageway.


To-do lists, sitting in our desks or in traffic, social media, and work and life obligations have many women finding themselves more cut-off from the body’s innate sensual pleasure.


It is my greatest wish that women recognize and embody their innate sensual bodies because women are born to embody aliveness and enchantment, and their feminine body a vessel of sensual delight.


Pleasure is a necessary and vital nourishment for women. Without it, women constrict. Life is then experienced as more heavy, empty, or overwhelming.

When pleasure is present, we experience more aliveness, fullness, and vibrancy. We experience more connection with ourselves and, in turn, feel more connected to others. Pleasure after all is practice of coming home to ourselves.

Many women identify pleasure with only sex or sexuality due to misunderstandings taught by well-meaning parents, community, culture, and religious upbringing.

Pleasure is our birthright and a way that we can heal, expand, and grow as women.


This workshop will focus on pleasure being medicine – healing and how to use it to more fully align and nourish your body, heart, mind, and spirit connection. You will walk away with practical ways to support yourself to feel more alive, more sensual in your own skin, and most importantly, learn your own unique pleasure blueprint.


Skills and techniques in this workshop are rooted in Tantra, Embodiment practices, Spiritual Psychology, and The Non-Linear Movement Method®.


Bring a friend and receive a discount.  Limited “GAL PAL” registration in link.


What is FEMME?
FEMME is a tapestry of what I have come to call FEMININE INTELLIGENCE.
Movement & the Body

Slowing down, being deliberate with movement, and techniques
that nourish the body, heart, mind, and spirit of a woman.

Energy & Intuition

It is with “beingness” that women communicate with others.
The woman’s intuition and trusting what she knows in her gut.


As women experience and express their emotions (energy in motion), they get to expand their inner and outer awareness. In doing so, she restores her relationship with her erotic, sensual nature and learns how to heal herself.


Sensuality is not sexuality. Sensuality is the alignment of our body, heart, mind, and spirit.

FEMME is an offering that comes directly from my own love of movement, polarity work – the dance of masculine and feminine energy, and my sweet spot of sensuality, sexuality, and spirituality.



The Art of Holding Space 

An Event for Men


“The Feminine is like the water of the river, in flow, always moving. The Masculine is the riverbank, holding space, leading, still. No matter the rise, fall, speed, or temperature of the water, the bank holds its place. Never chasing the water, forcing it to recede, or changing its flow. With the energy of direction, focus, integrity, discipline, confidence, centeredness, and strength, the riverbank holds. And, even though in time the edge of the bank may change in form, it does not fear erosion. Allowing the water to follow its own intelligence and both to experience peace at the edges.”

-Jacqueline N. Mendez

Men today have unique issues, rules, roles, and restrains that have not been present before.  They can no longer use the cultural and societal rules used by their forefather.  Men everywhere are being challenged in their roles as partners, husbands, father, and bread-winners.  As a response to these changes, some become shutdown and more passive while others pushier and more aggressive.

In my work with couples and men, I have learned some very important lessons and solutions that helps men feel empowered, assured, confident, compassionate, grounded, understood, heard, and strong.

If you are a man who is in a relationship with the feminine… partner, husband, boyfriend, brother, father, co-worker… this workshop is for you.

The truth is that most of the men I have met openly share about their frustration in communicating effectively with their female partners because of ingrained and ineffective communication skills learned very early in life.

In addition, they also speak about their experiencing discord as well as feeling misunderstood and alone in their relationships.  Many share their frustration of feeling like they “give in” in order to maintain the peace or “jab” too hard in order to feel heard and understood.  And, even when a solution is reached, he is left dissatisfied.

What most men have not been taught is how to hold space, how to be the riverbank in their relationships.

To be the bank allows men to hold ground while still being true to what they feel and by not losing touch with the greater vision they have for themselves or their family.  He practices the art of energetically expanding and being still without using force or shrinking.


This workshop will focus on exploring and unraveling what it means to hold space and how to master a sense of stillness and understanding most men desire in their relationships with the feminine.

Participants will have an opportunity to create a vision for who they are in the world and in their relationship with others.  Our time together will be part process, part experiential, and you will walk away with specific skills and techniques that can assist you in daily life.

Men are powerful creatures.  It is my intention that those that participate in this event will walk away with concrete and practical reminders of this


No nudity or explicit touching at any event.


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