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Feminine Pleasure for Healing & Growth



Thursday, August 24th, 2017

6:30 PM to 9:30 PM

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When pleasure is present, we experience more aliveness, fullness, and vibrancy. We experience more connection with ourselves and, in turn, feel more connected to others. Pleasure after all is practice of coming home to ourselves.


Eventbrite - FEMME: Feminine Pleasure for Healing & Growth

Pleasure is Medicine
Pleasure is for Healing & Growth
Pleasure is the passageway.


To-do lists, sitting in our desks or in traffic, social media, and work and life obligations have many women finding themselves more cut-off from the body’s innate sensual pleasure.


It is my greatest wish that women recognize and embody their innate sensual bodies because women are born to embody aliveness and enchantment, and their feminine body a vessel of sensual delight.


Pleasure is a necessary and vital nourishment for women. Without it, women constrict. Life is then experienced as more heavy, empty, or overwhelming.

When pleasure is present, we experience more aliveness, fullness, and vibrancy. We experience more connection with ourselves and, in turn, feel more connected to others. Pleasure after all is practice of coming home to ourselves.

Many women identify pleasure with only sex or sexuality due to misunderstandings taught by well-meaning parents, community, culture, and religious upbringing.

Pleasure is our birthright and a way that we can heal, expand, and grow as women.


This workshop will focus on pleasure being medicine – healing and how to use it to more fully align and nourish your body, heart, mind, and spirit connection. You will walk away with practical ways to support yourself to feel more alive, more sensual in your own skin, and most importantly, learn your own unique pleasure blueprint.


Skills and techniques in this workshop are rooted in Tantra, Embodiment practices, Spiritual Psychology, and The Non-Linear Movement Method®.


Bring a friend and receive a discount.  Limited “GAL PAL” registration in link.


Eventbrite - FEMME: Feminine Pleasure for Healing & Growth

What is FEMME?
FEMME is a tapestry of what I have come to call FEMININE INTELLIGENCE.
Movement & the Body

Slowing down, being deliberate with movement, and techniques
that nourish the body, heart, mind, and spirit of a woman.

Energy & Intuition

It is with “beingness” that women communicate with others.
The woman’s intuition and trusting what she knows in her gut.


As women experience and express their emotions (energy in motion), they get to expand their inner and outer awareness. In doing so, she restores her relationship with her erotic, sensual nature and learns how to heal herself.


Sensuality is not sexuality. Sensuality is the alignment of our body, heart, mind, and spirit.

FEMME is an offering that comes directly from my own love of movement, polarity work – the dance of masculine and feminine energy, and my sweet spot of sensuality, sexuality, and spirituality.

Eventbrite - FEMME: Feminine Pleasure for Healing & Growth

The Art of Holding Space 

An Event for Men


“The Feminine is like the water of the river, in flow, always moving. The Masculine is the riverbank, holding space, leading, still. No matter the rise, fall, speed, or temperature of the water, the bank holds its place. Never chasing the water, forcing it to recede, or changing its flow. With the energy of direction, focus, integrity, discipline, confidence, centeredness, and strength, the riverbank holds. And, even though in time the edge of the bank may change in form, it does not fear erosion. Allowing the water to follow its own intelligence and both to experience peace at the edges.”

-Jacqueline N. Mendez

Saturday, September 9th
10am – 1pm

Eventbrite - The Art of Holding Space - An Event for Men

Men today have unique issues, rules, roles, and restrains that have not been present before.  They can no longer use the cultural and societal rules used by their forefather.  Men everywhere are being challenged in their roles as partners, husbands, father, and bread-winners.  As a response to these changes, some become shutdown and more passive while others pushier and more aggressive.

In my work with couples and men, I have learned some very important lessons and solutions that helps men feel empowered, assured, confident, compassionate, grounded, understood, heard, and strong.

If you are a man who is in a relationship with the feminine… partner, husband, boyfriend, brother, father, co-worker… this workshop is for you.

The truth is that most of the men I have met openly share about their frustration in communicating effectively with their female partners because of ingrained and ineffective communication skills learned very early in life.

In addition, they also speak about their experiencing discord as well as feeling misunderstood and alone in their relationships.  Many share their frustration of feeling like they “give in” in order to maintain the peace or “jab” too hard in order to feel heard and understood.  And, even when a solution is reached, he is left dissatisfied.

What most men have not been taught is how to hold space, how to be the riverbank in their relationships.

To be the bank allows men to hold ground while still being true to what they feel and by not losing touch with the greater vision they have for themselves or their family.  He practices the art of energetically expanding and being still without using force or shrinking.


This workshop will focus on exploring and unraveling what it means to hold space and how to master a sense of stillness and understanding most men desire in their relationships with the feminine.

Participants will have an opportunity to create a vision for who they are in the world and in their relationship with others.  Our time together will be part process, part experiential, and you will walk away with specific skills and techniques that can assist you in daily life.

Men are powerful creatures.  It is my intention that those that participate in this event will walk away with concrete and practical reminders of this.


Eventbrite - The Art of Holding Space - An Event for Men


No nudity or explicit touching at any event.