What if a peaceful, connected, intimate, and joyful life and love can happen?  What if every day was infused with more aliveness and inspiration?

Something isn’t right or feels off.

You struggle with how you’re feeling or you sabotage your goals and dreams.

Perhaps it is the fight that you keep having that does not ever come to solution.

Your relationship feels distant or disconnected.  Sex feels like the last thing you want or a topic too difficult to talk about openly.

Because of this, you don’t feel good about yourself. You feel stuck. And it feels like you are alone, nobody understands.

I help people let go of what does not serve them and create the lives and loves they truly want.  Peaceful. Connected, Joyful. Intimate.  Awakened to more aliveness and inspiration.

Our time together is life-changing.

Both strengths and obstacles are explored, identified, and transformed into direct stepping stones to create a life and love more aligned with you.  Our work together focuses on aligning and enlivening the body, heart, mind, and spirit.  By doing so, we create love relationships, life, and sex that align with what we envision for ourselves.

My work with my clients is highly experiential, supportive, and lively.

You will acquire key skills to help you feel more present, grounded, inspired and alive.  Consequently, you will also connect more intimately and profoundly with others.

I acknowledge you for your willingness to step into your life in a more expansive, potent, and aligned manner.  Together we discover and create the freedom and joy of living from possibility and living life to its fullest expression.

With love,

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Holistic Healing

With holistic healing we can let go of the idea of being “fixed” and instead receive healing.


You do not need fixing.  You are not broken.  What we all are in need of is healing.  Healing that helps us forgive the past and unearth our own brilliance.  Healing so that we can reawaken and connect more fully to a vibrant body, a loving heart, a creative mind, and more fully connected to life itself.  –  Jacqueline Mendez


Holistic healing does not fix a problem.  Instead, it helps us find ways to release and heal the body, heart, mind, and spirit.

The body’s innate wisdom is used to unravel habitual mental loops while opening up the heart space.  Helping us reconnect more fully with the energy of the body which inspires us to create healthier relationships with ourselves, others, and life itself.

Ultimately empowering ourselves in love, intimacy, sexuality, embodiment, and life mastery.



My intention is to support you in creating the best life and love by letting go of what does not serve you and stepping more fully into what does.
All services are created with love, compassion, kindness, and the latest scientific and relational research.

 Psychotherapy, Sex Therapy & Transformational Life Coaching for people ready to invest in themselves and create the life and love they truly desire.

Sex & Sexuality

What is widely misunderstood is that at some point, most couples have sexual problems that are quite fixable.  Sex therapy helps individual and couples talk about all aspects of sex, sexuality, and the ways in which they want to experience sex. To read more 

Relationship & Couples Therapy

Relationship & Couples Counseling isn’t necessarily tied to a specific goal. . It is a process that will help you  explore and identify the changes all parties want to make even if you are unsure of what you want. To read more.

Women’s Sexuality

Women experience sex very differently than men.  Women are informed by their senses – what they see, hear, smell, touch, and taste.  This is why for women foreplay begins the moment she opens her eyes.  Feminine sexuality needs to slowly rise and the senses are nourish it. To read more.

Men’s Sexuality

There are many causes of sexual health concerns for men.  Stress, anxiety, medical issues, and even positive life events may lead to problems in sexual functioning and interest.  Men are also not on and off buttons. Sexuality changes and men are often not aware of this.  To read more.

Infidelity & Affair Recovery

Infidelity and other forms of deceit often bring a huge amount of questioning to the surface. Questions like, “What did the affair mean?” or ” Will there ever be complete trust again?,” are just two of the thousands of issues a breach of trust can reveal.

Whatever issues have arrived for you and your partner,  it can be helpful to examine them in a therapeutic setting – rather than getting lost in asking thousands of questions, you can begin to focus and answering “What is my relationship going to look like now?” To read more.

Trauma & Holistic Healing

Traumatic experiences often involve a threat to life or safety, but any situation that leaves you feeling overwhelmed and isolated can be traumatic, even if it doesn’t involve physical harm.

We unravel the habitual mental loops while opening up the heart space, and reconnect more “wholey” with the energy of the body. To read more.

Transformational Coaching

Coaching is designed to assist a person to identify and dissolve perceived blocks that get in the way of achieving a heart-felt desire such as  a change of careers, pursuing dreams, dating, improving an established relationship, learning better self-care, or improving connections with others.

Coaching is designed to meet the individual’s needs by providing structure and  support.  So, no matter what your goal is, coaching can assist you and encourage you so that you feel empowered and  accountable.  To read more

The Four Dimensional Wheel (4D Approach)

The Four Dimensional Wheel is used as a template for higher awareness, growth and healing.  The 4D Approach is an invitation to walk the wheel: moving and speaking from the different quadrants helps one step-into new ways to explore, identify, and express an issue, a desire, and possible solutions.  To read more.

La Sexualidad

La sexología es una forma de especializada de terapia en conversación que se centra en las preocupaciones de la función sexual, expresión o comunicación sobre el sexo. Lo que es normal pero no bien conocido es que en algún momento, la mayoría de las personas o parejas tienen problemas sexuales que pueden ser resueltos.  Para mas información.

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New Dates Coming for Fall 2019

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Come discover for yourself the freedom of living beyond limiting beliefs, judgments, and negativity.

We begin by addressing any perceived obstacle and how you experience it.

As you begin to reframe the obstacle, your relationship with it begins to shift ultimately resulting in your experiencing more peace and acceptance.

Change begins to occur and living life to the fullest begins.

I work with a limited number of highly functioning and committed individuals who are ready to up-level the quality of their lives.

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